My Mix Tape – Top 5


Birdy’s music is to inspire, but mostly to be there for people who need to be understood. She expresses her inmost feelings out onto sheet music – and the result is brilliant. The techniques used in Birdy’s music would have to be the melodic pull effect that the music has on the listener. The music tends to pull a listener in with the constant soft melodious tune – Birdy’s voice is super soft and high, which makes for a good crying song. For me, her music has gotten me through my first “break-up.” The thing is that for me, this music not only helped me cope with the sadness of losing that relationship, but also to not feel remorse for the other person. Birdy has always been there for when I need a calm and soothing voice to fall back on.

“Beautiful Birds” Passenger & Birdy

In this collaboration of Passenger and Birdy, they came together to create a masterpiece. The purpose of this piece is to reminiscence on what once was, and what never will be again. This song promotes both Passenger and Birdy as up and coming artists. There is a different style and sort of “clash” that comes with two voices working together – but this mixture has never sounded so beautiful. The harmony is done in such a melodious and soothing way, that I feel like i’m floating in the Milky Way while i’m listening to it. For me, this song has so much significance. Years ago, I met one of my friends that I would have for years to come. He was funny and smart, and we built a tree house together in the woods – when him and I were kicked out of the neighbourhood kid’s tree house. I was his close friend until they moved away, and I regret to say that we lost touch. A few years after that, James died – I was crushed. Last semester for English I had to make a art presentation about “Joy vs. Sorrow” , I presented a string of photos that I took at the park near my house. I became vulnerable with my class and I showed them a side of me that I had never shown them before. One of the photos is of the last remaining piece of wood in our treehouse.

Frankie Valli The Four Seasons “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

As a young girl, I was introduced to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. They are an unforgettable group from the 60’s. I was really into “Jazz/alternative/rock” mixture and I loved grooving to the song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” This song was made mostly for entertainment, as well as to promote the idea that “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” (as the title describes) The steady beat and the high shrill voices of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are what initially attracted me to them. I love the use of the snare drum and of the talented young men’s voices. I still remember the day that my mom showed my sister and I this song. We listened to it over and over again, practicing with Frankie Valli until we had perfected it. I believe that their song launched my obsession for their interesting style and genre.

Oh Wonder – “The Rain”

The purpose of this band/song is to express person feelings and emotions. This song in particular is a duet, where the couple talks through their problems and concerns. I believe that what attracts me to this band/song is the jazzy/soft voices that both Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West possess. They have a constant smooth beat that goes along with their singing – keeping the lyrics with the actual music. I first heard Oh Wonder when I was doing the dishes. I took my sister’s iPod nano and shuffled it, when this song came on, I couldn’t control myself. I played it over and over, it soothed my soul and I learned it by heart. It was at a time where I was trying to find out who I was. I was dealing with something that was making me confused about who I really was. The lyrics really spoke to me, “I’ve given all my love to you.” I felt as if I had given away all love and that I was left with nothing. This song and the wonderful artists who sing it, helped emphasize with me during that time.

Jordin Sparks – “God loves Ugly”

Jordin Sparks became famous on American Idol and made it in the music industry in 2007. Her songs were hip and “with the times”, she sang about her relationships and how was she supposed to breath with “No Air.”? Her songs have a catchy beat and some even have a techno feel to them – this is what attracts the listener in. I still remember distinctly going to the grocery store and insisting on staying in the car while I listened to “God loves Ugly” on my sister’s iPod nano. I would look long fully out the window and ponder over the fact that God loves me. When I was younger, I was convinced that I was ugly – I had really bad self esteem and I let the bad thoughts get to my head. “But God loves ugly. He doesn’t see the way I see.Oh, God takes ugly. And turns it into something that is beautiful. Apparently I’m beautiful. Cause You love me.” These lyrics spoke into my life at that point, and most of the time would bring me to tears. Jordin Sparks also showed me that when I become famous – duh – I could be a Christian too and sing pop songs about God.


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