Consuming Kids Documentary Response

12. Think about products or characters you were exposed to at an early age. How do you feel about those characters now? Would you purchase products with those characters for your own children? do you feel there is a difference now? why or why not?

When I was a kid, the hype was all about Dora. Dora backpacks, Dora boots, Dora everything. I’m not interested in Dora anymore, in fact, i’m not really sure why I watched it to be completely honest. I didn’t have too many characters or products exposed to me as a kid, it was mostly Barbie and Arthur that I watched (along with Dora. I don’t think I would buy these products for my own children, personally now, I feel as if Dora is a little silly. The only one I would consider would be Arthur, I guess you could say i’m a sucker for Arthur. I do feel as if there is a difference – since watching this documentary – as to what I will let my kids watch or not. I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t let my kids watch too much television, but now I know that I don’t want them to be watching or being exposed to T.V. at a very young age. I feel this way because I want my children to engage themselves in other activities that aren’t as mind numbing as just watching television.

14. What role and responsibility do you feel parents should have when it comes to addressing the commercialisation of childhood? is it fair to expect them to cope on their own, with a billion dollar industry?

I don’t believe that parents should face the billion dollar industry alone. Nowadays, we live in a society that is overwhelmed by the media and advertisements. One would have to completely get rid of T.V., computer and phones to get away from the industry. I don’t think it’s fair to expect parents to cope on their own, someone needs to help.

15. Do you think the government should play a role regulating advertising for/at children?

The government needs to implement regulations that keep companies from trying to “buy” our children. By regulating the advertisements that are directed toward our children, we can help give our children a chance to experience their own opinions toward the various media outlets that are trying to get at them. Kids need to just be kids, I don’t like the idea that kids nowadays are growing up faster. Call me Peter Pan if you want, but that’s my personal beliefs.


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