Gendered Children’s Advertising

1. Describe at least three creative choices that show how the advertiser is either aiming this at little boys or little girls. Examples include: tone of voice used by actors, colours used, gender of actors, activities shown, music, or other elements that stick out to you.

This commercial is – without a doubt – aimed at little boys. I know because the tone of voice is low and manly (obviously a man), there is a great deal of violence displayed, and the colours are all “boy” oriented – green, red, blue, black and brown.

2. Does the commercial seem to show any stereotypes of gender roles? If so describe.

This commercial seems to show the stereotype that boys are obsessed with violence. It labels them as aggressive.

3. Do you believe this commercial would be harmful to little boys or girls? Why or why not?

It is very possible that it could hurt them in the long-run. It labels them as brutal, it doesn’t give them much room for exploring other options. On the other hand, this constant exposure to violent themes numbs their morals. So yes, I do believe that it could be harmful to them – on the other hand, it is a commercial showing creative ways to piece together legos. I’m all for the creativity that comes with building, just not the violence.


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