Recently, we’ve been learning about how there are messages in the media about gender stereotyping. How the media has taken and is using gender stereotypes to define what a man or a woman is.

I was looking around on the internet for an ad, and the answer came in the form of an, “Old Spice” ad. In the original ad, the message is clear – a real, pure man has a vast amount of tattoos and is “tough.” I took this ad and showed the reality of what many man are – a father. I even changed the slogan from, “Pure Man Scent” to “Pure Dad Scent.” I used PowerPoint and paint where necessary, and tried to copy the font as best as I could when it came to both the slogan and product name. I changed the name of, “Old Spice” to “Old Spic & Span.”

I chose to spoof this ad, because I wanted to show that there are more ways to display a man than just “tough.” Very often, men are put in this box called “manhood” and told to stay put. This gives a completely unrealistic, one-sided view of men in the media. Many are wonderful and thoughtful friends, boyfriends, husbands and fathers. I wanted to portray this and therefore spoof what Old Spice was trying to “prove.”



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