Our class just finished watching the documentary, “Generation Like” by Douglas Rushkov.

What surprised me the most about this documentary, was that sponsors can track virtually everything! They know what you like, they market to what you like, and they even know how many people a certain photo can reach. It’s mind boggling to think that all that information, is at anyone’s fingertips.

The documentary explained that “likes” are a form of currency. The reason being, is that sponsors can reach out to up and coming popular people, the amount of likes that a person could get, could even mean money to them. Sponsors could possibly want to give you money or goods in exchange for promoting their product. To me, when I like something, it means that I value what the other person is posting – a.k.a. I think that it’s awesome! When someone else likes my photo, I assume the same thing – whether it’s true or not.

I get the idea that a lot of people believe, the idea that our generation is being used for just our “likes.” However, at the same time, I think that with careful thought, I may have discovered a loophole. I do like certain products, and I think that I’ve come to the point where I realise that they’re trying to use me, but I just won’t let them. I won’t buy into the lie that they are trying to sell me, I believe in honesty. That’s my personal take on how I feel, I don’t feel so cheated because I won’t allow myself to be cheated.


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